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Bringing the Difference to Life

Self-build Plots

A number of woodland clearings are reserved exclusively for self-build. The gated entrance of each leads to winding sculpted roads serving premium plots offering scope for variety, innovation and self-expression, so long as there is harmony between each house and its idyllic surroundings.

In the first houses built people are already experiencing the delights of life in a landscape. There is so much more to come – a seamless progression between entry level and £million-plus homes, giving freedom to all to realise their aspirations. They are integrated by design into the fabric of the Wynyard Park concept.

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Diversity by Design

Through analysing the best of North Yorkshire country architecture we have drawn up a Design Guide which all builders must observe, encompassing both traditional and contemporary concepts to ensure natural diversity.

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Chimneys should be appropriately proportioned and detailed with a minimum of 1 per house. They should be co-ordinated and of generous height.

Rainwater goods should be aluminium colour, graphite or black, particularly if employed in a contemporary design, whilst traditional design forms follow period cast iron patterns.

Windows Should relate to the proportions of the overall design. For traditional houses rise and fall, sliding sash or hung casement types should be specific to an historic type.

Garages / outbuildings May be integral or detached whilst retaining a high quality cohesive design.

Carriageways and drives Finshes: blacktop/granite setts, porous drives in conservation colours, Breamish gravel and York paving.

Walls Materials should be utilised that respect the character of the area, including: Brick, Render and Stone elements.

External doors and porches Bespoke authentic traditional solutions will be encouraged. Materials should reflect those of the host building.

Roofs shall be of an appropriate scale and proportion, and plain gabled. Abutting single storey roofs may be lean-to.

Dormers will be permissable provided they are gabled and carefully designed with reference to local vernacular, and historic authenticity.

The Design Guide

This detailed design framework is used to convey our vision to local councils, to draw up development briefs and assess developer proposals prior to applying for planning permission. The guide also ensures coordination between sites, providing a level of certainty as to the quality of adjacent devlopments.

There is a separate guide for residents who want homes to be designed for self-build plots.

Wynyard - full of suprises
Wynyard - full of suprises
Wynyard - full of suprises
Wynyard - full of suprises
Wynyard - full of suprises
Wynyard - full of suprises
Wynyard - full of suprises
Wynyard - full of suprises