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Living of a different nature at Wynyard Park

It is a rare privilege to create a new community on a beautiful tract of undulating meadow and woodland.

Our landscape design invests in this natural asset with planted and green spaces highlighted with art works to distinguish Park life from that in any other development anywhere.

Woodland. The defining feature

You might drive a good few miles to find extensive woodland, but at Wynyard Park tall trees threaded by woodland stream are an uninterrupted backdrop to life and a unique resource for walking, cycling, exercise, and natural history.

Woodland at Wynyard

The Natural Habitat

The area has been wooded for at least 150 years and is included within the Tees Valley Strategic Wildlife Corridor. It provides a range of habitats including both broadleaved and coniferous trees. Surveys have identified a number of bat species, badger, otter, brown trout, white letter hairstreak butterfly, European eel and birds ranging in size from tree sparrows to buzzards.

Respecting key aspects of the fine existing environment such as ancient hedgerows, native trees and woodland streams will help to define a sense of place and provide a mature setting for development. We won’t just build; we’ll build judiciously.

Wildlife at Wynyard
Wynyard Park In Bloom

As you go around Wynyard Park it does appear indeed as one big park, thanks to inspired planting of flowers and shrubs in all neighbourhoods, adding colour to what is already a green and pleasant place.

Wildlife at Wynyard
Art Plays It's Part

And not since Victorian times has art played such a crucial part in giving places a popular identity - we will invest in artwork at key gateways and locations throughout, focussing appropriately on flora and fauna.

For example, our grand log sculpture situated opposite The Meadows depicts in wood the contours and topography of the Cleveland Hills.

Art at Wynyard Park